Monday, March 12, 2007

From Ocean to Ocean

My first look at the Atlantic Ocean.

Jan and I enjoying the beach.
Patty, Sue and Pamm
The dolphins were a little camera shy.
New friends.

Um! Helloooo. I am trapped in the claws of a giant crab and everybody just wants to take a picture!

Saturday the 3rd, we headed for Carolina Beach and our first view of the Atlantic Ocean. We have now made it from Sea to Shining Sea! Patty also drove down in her class-C motorhome with her dogs, and Sue and her dogs came in her car and stayed in a local hotel. It was so much fun to camp with Pamm’s sisters. Living on different coasts, we appreciate the chance to be together. We walked on the beach and collected sea shells. The beach is very different from the Northwest Coast beaches. The sand is much finer and lighter in color. There are few rocks, but many shells. We saw dolphins swimming just off shore. On Sunday we went to the Aquarium. I thought it would just be like the one we went to in Oregon, but it was very different. I think that the jellyfish were the only things we saw that were the same.

Swimmin' with the fishes!
Wow! This close and I don't have to get wet!

Wow! This close and I don't have to get eaten!

Can you spot the seahorse?

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Anonymous said...

Clearly tempting the crocodile. Love the ocean photos.
All the best,
Anita at VTBC