Monday, April 9, 2007

Jamestown, Virginia - America's 400th Year

Jamestown is the oldest American settlement, settled in 1607. We visited the site of the original fort at Jamestown. Archaeologists recently uncovered the original layout of the fort. Much of it was thought to be lost to the encroaching James River, but evidence was uncovered that showed that much of the original fort is still on land.I am standing next to a statute of Pocahantas, located on the site of the original Jamestown village. Do you know where Pocohantas is buried? Not here!
Here we are in our Jamestown t-shirts.
I look like a real tourist!
I am with a very nice Ranger. The building behind us is a very, very old church, which is still used to this day for services. (Rangers have the coolest hats!)
This gentleman is another Ranger who gave us a very interesting tour of Jamestown. He told us that Pocahantas is buried in England! This picture was taken inside the church.

The "stick" building in the background is a reconstruction of the original. It is being built on the original site with methods, tools and materials that would have been available in the 1600's. I watched them for a while and it looked like really hard work! What a great way to travel!
(What you would caption this picture?)

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