Friday, April 6, 2007

On to Virginia! Williamsburg

Our next stop was Williamsburg, Virginia and the Historic Triangle (Includes Jamestown and Yorktown)
Boo! Scared you didn't I?

Here I am with Jan resting on the main street of historic Williamsburg.

Here we are tired but happy.

This is the "gaol" or what we call a "jail". Work was being done inside the building. We didn't get to go in.
This sign contains information about the jail. Jan said the "bad guys" today have it way too good.
Here I am with some terrific people from Canada!
Can you see me? I'm on the brown horse - I'm the one without a hat.
"Thanks JB. This is another fine mess you got us into." (Why do I always get blamed?)
Jan said this is a "paddy wagon" because the driver's name is "Paddy". (I don't believe him)
I woke up from my nap and "wow"...look at this guy; right out of history!

Here I am at the entrance to the "Governor's Palace". This nice lady is wearing clothing of the 1700's.
The gentleman is explaining to us that all the swords behind him had been used in several battles in American History and then returned to the walls. There are hundreds of them. This picture was taken inside the Governor's Palace in Historic Williamsburg.
The tour guides provide information that helps you understand the history of Williamsburg. This nice gentleman was our guide at the Governor's Palace.
Another kind person I met in Williamsburg.
This is the private or backside of the Governor's Palace. It was really neat. See the hedges? Jan got lost in them.

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